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Each of these components is able to bring health benefits that unified can lead to a mayor health boost.

Calcium: A vital mineral that strengthens bones, teeth, and gums. It also keeps cardiac rhythm regularity, lowers cholesterol levels, and helps prevent cardiovascular illnesses.

It is necessary for muscle growth and for blood coagulation.

Magnesium: It plays a fundamental role in the cardiovascular system. It also helps in preventing depression, muscle weakening, and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). This supplement keeps soft tissue from calcifying while protecting arteries from stress. Magnesium participates during bone formation and prevents cardiovascular illnesses.

Zinc: Highly important mineral for the reproductive organs’ proper function. It also prevents acne, helps the immune system in the scarring process, and maintains smell and taste working sharply. Zinc also protects the liver from problems caused by different chemicals.

Vitamin D: Essential for bone and dental growth, protects against muscular weaknesses and intervenes with irregular cardiac frequencies. It can also prevent osteoporosis and hypoglycemia.
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