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Asia: Teriyaki Chicken

Bring a sense of adventure to the kitchen as you learn to prepare Chinese dishes with complex flavors and explosive spices in a fun and relaxed environment.

Whether you want to learn how to cook or how to prepare gastronomic specialties, Chinese food, Italian food, etc.…, at Face to Face Cooking we have qualified professionals that will help you master the art of cooking, while enjoying an entertaining and fun night out.

Better cooking means a better diet. Not only for you but also for your entire family. We will teach you the basics on how to cook healthy and delicious meals that you can prepare for your family and friends at home.

At Face to Face Cooking, cooking is an interactive experience where you can learn what you want by selecting the classes that interest you.

Our group classes hold a maximum of 12 students to make the experience more personalized and dynamic. In our fully equipped kitchen, you will be part of a unique experience.
Chicken Teriyaki

Vegetarian Fried Rice
Classes are held at Face to Face Cooking Club, suite #16A.
Your welcome to bring wine, or something to drink during class.
Classes are held in Spanish unless otherwise stated.